Protect your business from edge-to-cloud

To secure applications and data, enterprises must transform both their network and security architectures to support business applications wherever they are hosted and from wherever they are accessed. But IT teams face challenges:

Aruba edge-to-cloud security can help

With Aruba’s built-in foundation for Zero Trust and SASE, you can gain the advantages of the cloud with consistent network protection. Here’s how.
Edge-to-cloud security
Aruba ESP is the only architecture that enables organizations to implement an end-to-end network comprising WLAN, switching, SD-WAN, and remote access, all protected by common Zero Trust and SASE security frameworks, built-in from the start. Identity-based traffic segmentation ensures consistent security policies are applied from the access edge to the WAN edge to the cloud.
Comprehensive visibility and role-based access control
Designed specifically to deal with the flood of IoT devices connecting to the network, Aruba ClearPass Device Insight uses AI-powered discovery and profiling techniques to eliminate blind spots. Once profiled, devices are automatically assigned the proper access control policy and segmented from other devices via Aruba’s Dynamic Segmentation capabilities. This eliminates the complexity of using VLANs to control user and device access.
Unified branch security and threat protection
Aruba’s integrated threat defense capabilities cover a wide range of security challenges, including phishing, denial of service (DDoS), and increasingly widespread ransomware attacks. Aruba EdgeConnect and SD-Branch gateways perform firewalling and identity-based intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS), all reporting to Aruba Central. As a result, both the branch office LAN (east-west) traffic as well as the SD-WAN (north-south) traffic are equally and consistently protected.
Cloud security automated orchestration and SASE
As organizations continue to migrate many of their applications to the cloud, it is critical that SD-WAN and security solutions adapt to this shift. By modernizing and integrating WAN and security infrastructure, customers can gain significant advantages both on the networking and the security side. The Aruba SD-Branch and EdgeConnect SD-WAN solutions provide market-leading SD-WAN capabilities combined with seamless automated integrations with leading cloud-hosted security vendors. This delivers a best of breed, edge to cloud SASE solution without compromising either network or security capabilities.

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Architect your secure Edge

As remote workforces accelerate cloud migration, network security requirements need to shift. Forrester’s Introducing the Zero Trust Edge Model for Security & Network Services shows you how.

What is SASE?

SASE or Secure Access Service Edge is an architecture that combines necessary LAN and branch WAN edge functions including SD-WAN, routing, segmentation, zone-based firewall and WAN optimization with comprehensive cloud-delivered security services, managed in the cloud.

What is Dynamic Segmentation?

The increased number of devices connecting to the network causes security challenges. Dynamic Segmentation simplifies and secures the network by unifying policy enforcement across the wired, wireless, and VPN infrastructure.

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