Modern organizations are rapidly waking up to the reality of the cloud. Virtualization of infrastructure and adopting cloud-based apps, databases, and platforms as-a-service is far more valuable than costly, difficult to maintain on-prem datacenters.

Gartner estimates that end-user expenditure on public cloud services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region will reach $5.7bn in 2022 (source). However, did you know that 63% of organizations still cite lack of skills and experience as a roadblock when it comes to implementing cloud strategies especially for mission-critical apps?

  • How do businesses ensure seamless digital transformation to achieve hyper scalability, agility and zero-disruption?
  • How can you enhance transparency into the Total Cost of Operations during the cloud transformation journey?
  • Which cloud strategies can accelerate the journey to being a composable business?
  • What are some smart strategies to reduce risk for application migration, modernization, and management on cloud?

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