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    CleverTap would like to invite you to a CMO Focused Group Discussion. The discussion will contribute towards a CMO Playbook that QNA Marcom, in partnership with Clevertap, is creating on customer retention and lifetime value. This Playbook is aimed at detailing the findings from discussions had with CMOs from around the world, including these discussions.

    Topic & Abstract:

    Customer Retention – Identifying Strategies that Work!
    We invite you to be a part of a closed-door discussion to understand what works in the real world today. This information becomes a part of a must-have ‘Playbook’ for CMOs around the world. We will be discussing :

    • The importance of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
    • Factors Influencing CLV in the zero-touch business landscape . The link between User Retention and Customer Lifetime Value
    • Importance of mobile marketing in customer retention
    • Strategies and tools to enhance User Retention


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