The sudden surge in new channels and varied operating models has dramatically changed the business environment in which marketers operate today. With the increase of newer modes & channels of marketing, there is a need to create a new unifying framework that will help in aligning strategies as per business requirements. Alongside this need for a framework, there are new requirements for marketing competencies and capabilities around domains of expertise like data and analytics, customer experience, content, multichannel, customer service, and personalization, which are neither properly understood nor being met

    CMO TownHall aims to showcase the emerging marketing concepts that have evolved and how marketers now need to switch to the new Digital Era. The TownHall brings the brightest minds in the Marketing domain and aims to build insights on the need to reach out to new markets and channels and bring thought leadership perspective on evolving business opportunities.


    Building a Customer-First Approach – Analysing Customer preferences, channels and data to enable a targeted & personalized marketing

    CMO's Agenda :

    Growth Vaccine for 2022-2023

    Program Agenda


    Jay Dalvi

    General Manager, CleverTap

    WiZRocket Inc, 607 W Dana St. Mountain View CA 94041 USA
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