REPORT : Top Three Challenges Solved by Zero Trust Policy Management

    As security becomes more challenging and cyber threats multiply in the age of the cloud, many companies have employed carefully crafted security policies to protect themselves.

    But the truth is that no policy can protect you unless it is well managed and consistently enforced. And with traditional technology, it's simply not possible to achieve consistent enforcement in today's environment of distributed users and devices, on-premises and cloud-based apps, and multiple physical and virtual servers.

    A Zero Trust framework ensures that identities are validated and that access is managed dynamically. It centralizes policy management and automates enforcement, closing security gaps and making compliance and auditing much easier.

    Unless you employ a Zero Trust framework, policy management is a continual headache that leads to an accumulation of security problems that you're not even aware of–until it's potentially too late.

    Read more about some of the top challenges that companies face in trying to manage their policies and how Zero Trust helps.

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