Automation via machine learning can help your SOC staff handle the endless crush of alerts. However, without the right data sources and analytic capabilities, you risk further straining workloads with additional noise and complexity.
    Corelight & Elastic Security, both rooted in open source, together go above and beyond to maximize operational efficiency. The integrated solution combines high-fidelity alerts and data from Suricata and Zeek along with the Elastic (ELK) Stack to help you identify anomalies, streamline root cause analysis, and reduce false positives.

    Join us for this interactive webinar to understand how the combined solution can:

    • Identify anomalies in network traffic using ML and detection rules
    • Find threats in encrypted traffic without decryption
    • Perform faster investigations using linked UlDs for faster pivoting


    James Spiteri

    James Spiteri

    Product Marketing Director,
    Elastic Security


    Basil Shahin

    Regional Manager

    Naveen Bharadwaj

    Naveen Bharadwaj

    Director-Marketing &
    Strategic Partnerships,
    Spire Solutions

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