An unbelievable opportunity to reshape work culture and a rare one too.
    What makes an organization successful? A successful organization is like a colony of ants a well-structured entity with clear processes and talented contributors who work effectively together.

    Leadership Work Culture
    Enduring Leadership Happiness Summit is the finest open engagement platform where Talent meets Intelligence Talent is abundant and intelligence being a commodity and leadership is all about connecting the two When we think about culture, we think about a common set of behaviors, plus the underlying mindsets that shape how people work and interact day to day What we see in the data is compelling companies with healthy cultures have three times greater total returns to shareholders There's empirical evidence that points at causation and have seen a positive relation ship, where health drives performance And vice versa 70 percent of these fail largely due to people and culture related challenges That's a sobering number.

    Happiness Performance
    Having a Big Day at work has become a challenge today Its easier said than done because of the work life balance and many other connected etcetera's Happiness comes and plays the pivotal role in shaping work culture adding steam to people performance Happy people are healthy and emotionally stable and are catalysts working as change agents contributing to the overall productivity to the organizations health and performance That's why we say Happiness is the fulcrum to high performance.

    Summit Agenda :

    Introductory Session – A collective introduction about the idea of collaborative 21st Century
    Open Moderated Panel Discussions – Speaker to moderate small panel of 4 to 5 participants
    Experiential Case Studies – Walk the journey of simulation of challenges that we can face in todays world
    Engagement Of Stories – How successful companies are built around by successful people
    Conversations That Count – Rebuilding and reshaping work culture
    Happiness Forums – The x factor – The role of happiness at work places – how it all works – REWIRE


    Mohammed Mushtaquddin

    Founder and MD, SEAL Infotech

    Dan Millman

    Founder, Peacefull Warrior Semiars

    Surya Narain Bahadur

    Executive Director, Confluence Training and Development

    Patrick Schwerdtfeger

    Founder, Entrepreneur and Small Business Academy

    Tarun Sharma

    Motivational Speaker, The Rising Capital NGO

    Manoj Barthwal

    ONGC Former Executive Director