Future Gazing: Treasury Tech in 2022 and Beyond with Exato

Treasury technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated, especially when it comes to Traders Collaboration and Communication. What was unimaginable a few years ago is the new norm. How do you choose what is right for you?

Join us on the 23rd of September for an interactive roundtable on the biggest challenges corporate treasurers, traders and technology practitioners face when it comes to enabling secure, multi-line and efficient communications.

You'll hear from technology thought leaders from Exato, Atos Unify & Nice interact with Treasury management peers, and experience state-of-the-art multi-line & multi-modal communication demos.

Who should attend:


Time Topic Topic
5.00 PM - 5.30 PM Registration & Networking
5.30 PM - 5.40 PM The Treasury-Tech Landscape in 2022 and Beyond Dr. Appuorv Sinha, CEO, Exato
5.40 PM - 5.55 PM What Next: Future Gazing Treasury Operations With A Technology Lense Gopinath Bailur, CTO, Exato
5.55 PM - 6.15 PM Technology Primer - I Narayan G, Head of APAC Region, Atos Unify
6.15 PM - 6.35 PM Technology Primer - II Rahul Kulkarni Director, Pre-Sales, APAC & MEA, Atos Unify
6.35 PM - 6.55 PM Technology Primer - III Subodh Shiohare, Solutions Director, South Asia and Middle East, NICE
6.55 PM - 7.15 PM Interactive Session on The Biggest Challenges Treasury Practitioners face today. Moderator: Gopinath Bailur, CTO, Exato
7.15 PM - 7.45 PM Experience State-of-the-art Treasury Tech Demos
7.45 PM onwards Cocktails and Dinner


Dr. Appuorv Sinha

CEO, Exato

Narayan G

Head of APAC Region, Atos Unify

Gopinath Bailur

CTO, Exato

Rahul Kulkarni

Director Pre-Sales, Atos Unify

Subodh Shiohare

Solution Director, South Asia & Middle East, Nice

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