Successful business leaders have always looked to new technologies and processes to increase efficiencies, profits and streamline workflows. In this direction, digital transformation can you help re-engineer, automate and infuse intelligence across key business functions to reduce costs and speed time to market. Align your digital strategy with your evolving business!
    • 10:00am : Coffee & Networking
    • 10:30am : Driving Digital Strategy | GSD Keynote
    • 10:40am : Digital Trends in the Middle East IBM Keynote
    • 10.50am : Empower Your Future with Automation
    • 11.10am : Coffee Break
    • 11.40am : Security Across Your Business
    • 12.00pm : Hear from our Customers
    • 12.15pm : Q&A
    • 12.30pm : Lunch
    Security & Automation make the fundamental pillars of today’s digital business and we at GSD are here to help you build your strategy around it to make the most of their DX investment.
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    Vinit Rajwani at

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