IBM Watson is AI for business

    Watson understands the language of your business.

    Valuable information often exists in forms of language that can be hard for computers to understand:
    • PDFs
    • Call logs
    • Tweets
    • Chart
    • Blog posts
    • Handwritten documents
    • Tables
    • News articles

    This is far too much data for a person to read, process and synthesize. But it is not too much for AI that can comprehend the language of your business. Watson can better comprehend human language, the language of your industry, and even jargon that’s specific to your company.


    employee time saved by using AI search


    faster case resolution by using Watson Discovery to identify root causes and detect emerging trends

    Watson is built on an ethical foundation.

    For AI to thrive and for businesses to reap its benefits, it needs to be built on principles of trust. Watson is AI that you can understand and feel confident about because it provides the tools to help explain and manage AI-led decisions in your business. At IBM, your data and insights belong to you. That’s the confidence you can pass onto your team and your customers.

    Innovation Preview
    virtual event

    Hear what IBM Research and Watson are doing to address trust and AI.

    AI Ethics

    At IBM, we are helping people and organizations adopt AI responsibly.

    Trustworthy AI

    Read about the key principles driving IBM’s human-centered approach to AI