Cyberattacks worldwide cost businesses more than $400B annually. With apps being downloaded without approval, unmanaged devices used within the corporate network, poor password protection and other security issues, many organizations are leaving themselves vulnerable to attacks and data leaks.

    The Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CSAT) consists of a technical scan of your environment and an interview based on renowned Centre for Internet Security (CIS) controls.

    How it works?

    The approach is threefold.

    Phase 1 (0-30 days)

    The first phase is focused to mitigate the risk against rapid cyberattacks, and to enable so-called ‘low-hanging fruit’ features.

    Phase 2 (30-90 days)

    The second phase focuses on features that further harden your IT environment as well on implementing (basic) governance and reporting features.

    Phase 3 (90+ days)

    The third phase covers the creation/revision of processes, and implementation of solu tions that take a longer preparation time.

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