Did you know that AWS is the go-to cloud service provider of SMBs with a staggering 53% adoption rate? This is all because AWS can be cost-optimized for all scenarios, especially when managing your Windows workloads.

    Windows has significantly revolutionized the computing milieu, connecting users and enterprises alike. Organizations of all sizes have benefited significantly from on-premise software for data storage within in-house servers.

    However, the cost of managing these legacy solutions, especially Windows workloads can be exponentially high. Access to best-in-class technologies is not all there is to transitioning Windows workloads to AWS. Increased scalability and security and cost reduction are persistent and universal drivers. The idea of skipping expenses that come with on-premise infrastructure is attractive for organizations of all sizes in every industry. Budget consuming maintenance can hurt your bottom line. Purchasing expensive hardware can be further hard on your pocket.

    In fact, 55% of business rate licensing costs as the biggest software-related challenge in the cloud. But with AWS and Cloud4C, you can truly optimize your licensing costs.

    Are you ready to optimize the cost of running your Windows workload with complete control over your virtual servers?
    Cloud4C offers a fail-proof integration with existing Amazon E2 instances for increased scalability and maximized data security. Now migrate and modernize your Microsoft workload to AmazonE2 instances seamlessly and transit your on-premise Windows files to AWS without any hindrance.

    An accredited AWS Consulting Partner, Cloud4C brings you an avant-garde offering for a smooth, zero-loss transition of Windows workload to Amazon EC2. Now create custom environments on the AWS cloud to suit your enterprise needs at the click of a button.

    Begin your Windows workload transformation to AWS without a hitch.

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