This Pandemic has triggered the “new age of remote working” or what we call the “Hybrid work era”, where users are given the flexibility of working from the location of their choice, maybe office or home or an exotic location of personal preference!! This huge shift calls for the Digital workspace providers to take the workspace to where the users are, while maintaining System Performance and System Stability without compromising the Security Perimeters.

    As we adapt to the post-pandemic working models, Digital workspace provider’s key concerns would be to provide an Integrated, Secure environment with Modern management without compromising the system stability, system performance and digital employee experience.

    The key focus would be on

    • How to minimize System disruptions?
    • How to increase user productivity?
    • How to secure the user devices from “evolving threats”?
    • How to enhance digital employee experience in a complex work environment?
    • How to reduce costs with remote manageability?
    Join us for an exclusive round-table to discuss the Hybrid work era, its impacts and the best practices that we can adapt to our Digital Workplace Environment
    • 05.30 CET | 11.30 EST  –   Introduction
    • 05.35 CET | 11.35 EST –   Presentation by ISG analyst
    • 05.45 CET | 11.45 EST –  Presentation by Intel
    • 05.55 CET | 11.55 EST –   Presentation by Wipro
    • 06.05 CET | 12.05 EST –  QNA
    • 06.25 CET | 12.25 EST  –  Closing

    Mrinal Rai

    Senior Manager & Principal Analyst
    Digital Workplace and Conversational AI
    ISG Provider Lens

    Yasser Rasheed, Ph.D., MBA

    Global Director,
    Enterprise Client Sales Intel Sales and Marketing Group (SMG)
    Intel Corporation

    Sidharth Mukherjee

    General Manager & Global Practice Head -Digital Workplace Service,
    Wipro Limited

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